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Operation-Impact Yearly Report
2022 has been an exciting year!

– 50 Women in Sewing Training                    –
– Over 300 winter coats distributed             –
– 18 Children now being sponsored               –
– Global Impact Connect is now independent –

Operation-Impact is now a 501c3 Organization

It has been an exciting year for Operation-Impact.  As you can see by the new logo, we have now grown into an independent 501(c)3 non-profit, registered as Global Impact Connect, Inc.  This enables us to better provide for the needs in Nepal even as we expand to meet others all over the world.  Thank you for partnering with us to make an impact that changes the lives of children and the vulnerable across the globe.

 Coats and Blankets Distributions

We are so thankful for all the small and big ways you continue to partner with us in creating a better life for these beautiful people.  As the weather got colder in the far-reaching villages in Nepal, we were again able to assist our local friends to provide coats and blankets.  During 3 distributions, over 300 coats were able to be distributed in 2022 and many of those included blankets, too.  The people there are so thankful and overwhelmed with joy when these items arrive.


Children’s Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program is currently taking care of 18 children in Nepal.  Young orphans living on the streets are the most vulnerable to being snatched for slave labor, prostitution, and sweat shops.  Many have been rescued out of this dangerous life and placed in loving homes where they can receive sponsors, others spared from it by assisting their desperate families so they are not forced into it.  The Sponsorship Program provides school uniforms, food, clothing, and what they need to have a head start in moving forward and breaking the cycle of poverty and servitude.  An education for a child, especially for a girl, provides a shield around them and creates a structure to help them remain safe.  Thank you to each of our Sponsors for helping us help as many of these vulnerable ones as we can.  We now have 18 fully sponsored children in our Sponsorship Program and they are thriving!  However, as of this date, we have 9 children still waiting for sponsors, so please pass the word to friends and family or anyone having it in their  heart to help. Please contact us at (518) 380-2185 or view the link http://operation-impact.org/sponsorship to help.  Even if you cannot commit to a monthly sponsorship, a small monthly or one-time donation is very helpful, as we try to provide as much assistance as possible to the children waiting for sponsorship, especially those in emergency situations that cannot wait until an assigned sponsor is available.


Sewing & Tailoring Program

The Sewing & Tailoring program, run by the Mitra Foundation in Nepal, has now taught over 150 women through their Skills program. In 2022, 50 women either graduated or are currently learning this trade-skill.  This has kept many women and young girls off the streets where they are vulnerable to prostitution and other desperate means of providing for themselves and their children.  As we have seen so many times in countries like Nepal, a mother will do anything to protect and provide for her children, even if it means using her own body.  This is such a sad picture of their desperation! But with a skill to be able to provide an income, they are able to start down a path out of that life to a new one filled with hope for her and her family.  If you would like to help sponsor a woman for an up-coming training semester, a $300 ($75 for 4 months) scholarship covers the cost for one woman to participate in the 6 month program.

Women’s Fair-Trade Products

The Nepali women that finish the Sewing Program have the opportunity learn advanced business practices and work with a Products Co-op to be able to create products for international distribution. Global Impact is currently in the process of providing a distribution outlet for these products in the United States to provide a fair-trade income for these women.  Many of you have enjoyed the handmade bags and felt items and we are excited to provide more beautiful items this year as they expand their products and experience.  We are always open to ideas and new venues so feel free to contact us anytime.

Upcoming Plans

Please visit the Operation-Impact.org website and our Facebook pages for updated information and ways to help these and future upcoming projects.  Some upcoming needs that we have been asked to help include helping to feed Venezuelan Refugees in Costa Rica, and providing scholarships to young people for Life-Training seminars in Egypt.

We are planning to travel once again to Nepal in November of 2023 to follow up on all of these programs, visit the children, and continue to assist at the tailoring school.  Please keep us in your hearts and prayers as these plans develop!

We again thank you (from the bottoms of our hearts) for all the prayer and support you have given us.  As you help us, we help you make an impact and change a life on the other side of the world!


Jim & Stacey Kowalka
Operation-Impact Coordinators


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