Nepal Earthquake Aid Report

On November 4, 2023 there was a 6.4 earthquake in Western Nepal.  Operation-Impact is actively helping victims in this remote Nepali region to recover from this devastating disaster.  Hundreds have died from the initial quake, aftershocks, and exposure to the cold and elements during these following weeks.  There is extremely short supply of food, clothing, blankets and shelter for the survivors, and aid is difficult to provide to this remote area.

Thank you to all of those who have helped make this aid possible so far:
the employees of Adirondack Customs, the Frase family, Church Of The Nations, the Gade family and Heartstone Ministries, Wayne Porter, Fran Heron, the DiDonato family, the Swanzey family at Solid Ground, the Porter family and Refuge Ministries, the Burke family, Mary McDougal, Rhonda Sargent at Adk Impressions, the Schuerlein family at The Lazy Moose
and all those who gave random or anonymous donations.

Please check this page for on-going Operation-Impact relief updates:

11/17/23 – Earthquake Epicenter Relief
11/08/23 – Hospital Victims and Family
11/05/23 – Initial Report

Nov 17 – Earthquake Epicenter Relief Aid  Distribution

Our team was able to access and coordinate a relief operation in the earthquake epicenter area.  The devastation has been severe so many home destroyed and family members lost.  The relief team distributed over 150 warm coats, blankets, and supplies to remote communities that had not received any aid.  We were also able to help support local individuals that have been trying to feed and shelter those in their community that have no access to food or shelter.

Thanks to the generous help from so many of you, Operation-Impact was able to send over another $1100 of additional relief aid, which was able to boost $1000 of local Nepali funds raised to help their people.

Nov 8 – Hospital victims clothing and supplies distribution

The epicenter area is closed off by the government as they have been evacuating the injured to operational hospitals outside the aftershock zone. The most immediate accessible need is to help the hospitalized victims and their families with food and clothing.  They lost everything in the quakes and have no resources in the aftermath of the devastation.
Operation-Impact released an immediate $1000 from initial donations and the Global Impact Emergency Relief Fund to our Nepali team.  They have been able to provide an initial help to 30 earthquake victims and their family in the hospital area closest to our current Operation-Impact operations.

Nov 5 – Urgent Need! 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks remote Nepal region!

On November 4, 2023 there was a 5.6 earthquake in Western Nepal, an epicenter within 40 miles of communities with active Operation-Impact support and sponsored children. We are gathering donations for earthquake victim help at the epicenter location, for distributions starting on November 8, 2023.

Thank you for your help!

Below are some initial information and pictures. We will be adding more information as our people on the ground provide us with direct pictures and information and as relief distribution progresses.



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