An Operation-Impact sponsorship helps breaks the cycle of child poverty and enslavement and only costs between $45 and $60 a month. That is only about $1.50 to $2 a day – less than the price of a cup of coffee. Sponsor support helps cover a child’s essential needs, like food, clothing, health care and ensures they get an education. Each sponsorship program in our global network is different and customized to meet the particular conditions and needs of each area.

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Types of Operation-Impact Child Sponsorships:


    – children with no mother or father. Children who have lost their parents due to natural disasters and sickness are the most vulnerable of all to child enslavement and trafficking. They have no one to watch over them or defend them and are snatched right off the streets or forced into it so they can get basic food and shelter. An Orphan Sponsorship provides an orphan with a home and family that will love them, protect them from the elements, and keep them out of the hands of those seeking to take advantage of their vulnerability.


    – children in verified destitute families. Many families due to natural disasters or death of spouses have no way provide even a subsistence level of food or shelter. Children in these families are at risk of enslavement, prostitution or even child-marriage by traffickers offering desperate parents money or tricking them with promises of good jobs and care if they let the children work for them. A Destitute Sponsorship provides the stability for a mother or family to provide adequately for their child and your support helps more than just the child-it benefits the entire family

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