Following is part of a recent update from the Mitra Foundation in Nepal. In her own words, Mercy gives a very personal look into the life of a Nepali woman going through the free Sewing Training Program.  Operation-Impact has been supporting these free Mitra Foundation programs by raising funds in the US.  If you want to help, you can use the donation links at the bottom to give to this program.

The story of Mercy…

My name is Mercy. I am 27 years old.  I am married and have a daughter of 4 years.  I was born in East Nepal and came to this place after I got married. I am from the Limbu community and came here in a different tribe called Tamang. I don’t know the local Tamang language/dialect, but we speak common Nepali.

My husband was working for many years in Gulf countries [refers to migrant work in the Persian Gulf area, 2000 miles away from their home]  for earning but came back home [this last trip] before few months without earning any money this time. In our village all the women are unemployed, but they do some small household work and do some seasonal farming, but that is not sufficient to run their houses and send their children to schools.

Some of the women went to the city nearby to earn money, but many of them damaged their life due to bad habits/company as they were far from their family members. As they grew desperate, they got  involved in  prostitution and other illegal activities.

This is when I heard from our Ward Chairperson that Mitra Foundation is starting the sewing skills training which is free of cost to us due to generous sponsors. I hurriedly visited them to enroll my name and. later I started the training.

I am learning very well as our trainer is very active and teaches us well. My husband is still planning to go to the gulf area again to earn some money for our family, but I am building up my confidence on skill training and will do something with the sewing greatly help. I am discussing with my husband on why not we do something with local business in our own place with  family members to stay together. He is being convinced slowly.

After completing this training, I am planning to start a local business to stitch clothes and sell some additional materials with sewing machines and hand stitching.  We are really thankful to Mitra Foundation because we have  sewing training  free of cost.

Including me,  29 women will have  sewing skills soon.

Thank You!


Sewing Program Semester Scholarship – Nepal

From: $75.00 / month for 4 months (starting next month)

$300 / Semester

I want to sponsor a woman to learn a life-changing skill so she can provide for herself and her family. This scholarship covers all the training, equipment, and material costs for one woman to complete the 6-month training program. Each semester, 3 groups of 10 women are trained each day with personal instruction. At the end of the program, they have skills to create a wide variety of products and also have an established co-op so they can put their skills to use. Please assign my scholarship to the woman with the greatest need.

This is a short-term sponsorship for the current training semester, and I have the option to gift the full scholarship now or in monthly payments as shown below.


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